The UNIKA collection: 5 sensory invitations

Pour chacune des créations imaginées par Véronique dans cette collection de 5 fragrances, les goûts et les odeurs – ni fleuries ni sucrées – invitent à une escapade sensorielle inédite.

Our taste buds and noses are delighted and invite us to renew the experience, again and again.

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The designer

Véronique Stambouli is an artist, a perfume designer inspired by the "limitless" assembly of raw materials: with her creations, she creates emotions with passion and greed.

« When smells disturb me and tastes hit me, my brain is in turmoil. »
Véronique Stambouli


Within her own company PERFUMISTA, Véronique puts her creativity at the service of her clients in order to develop their own olfactory signature.



When creativity meets beautiful natural raw materials assembled without limits...

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