« I don’t imagine the creations...
they are the ones that come to me »

Véronique Stambouli

Véronique Stambouli is an artist, a perfume creator inspired by the "limitless" assembly of raw materials: with her creations, she creates emotions with passion and greed.

She draws her inspiration from cooking, nature and travel.

The origins

Native from the Ardennes, she was very early immersed in a world of culinary smells coming from her grandmother's recipes, and later those of her mother «The one of the sugar cake or those of the mirabelle plum, pear or cherry, the calva that my grandfather used to make me taste ».


Child, her taste buds quiver with pleasure and her senses capture all the moments of happiness shared in the family. Her sense of smell became more refined and, in the perfume shop next door to her parents' house, she let herself be carried away by a whirlwind of fragrances to the point of collecting dozens of bottles and perfumes « classified by olfactory preference » : it was decided, she would learn how to compose perfumes.

This is done at ISIPCA, near Versailles, before heading to the great south for new scent experiences.


Emotions, inspirations

« When I arrived in the region, I was overwhelmed by the smell of mimosa, which I didn't know, soft, fluffy, sweet, green. Then I discovered the broom of the seaside, lavender, rose, orange blossom. It was like a crush ».


Nature has never ceased to provide Véronique with emotions and inspirations, as in Corsica for example, where she keeps anchored in her, when she gets off the plane, « the scent of the scrubland mixed with the heat of the runway and which provokes a feeling of well-being ». Same trouble in Brittany "whose wet and hot tar after the rain, mixed with iodised air" awakens memories of yesteryear.


Beyond the borders, Véronique admits that she « opens her nostrils wide » in the countries she visits: « for my creativity it is nirvana, between fruits, vegetables, spices, your nose has something to boil. You discover new smells, new fruits etc... And if you end up eating in a "boui-boui" around the market, with traditional cuisine ... then, this is the apotheosis ! »


Depending on the season, the scent of flowers, aromatic plants, snow, humus, trees etc. never cease to whisper creations to her.

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