For the love of smells, tastes and words.


Within her own company PERFUMISTA, Véronique puts her creativity at the service of her clients in order to develop their own olfactory signature.

« I write down my ideas on my mobile or on post-it notes. And sometimes, I use these little words as a starting point to start a creation ».
Words that she also prefers to « receive verbal feedback when it comes to my clients' briefs ». There is nothing like a verbal exchange, silences and smiles to best respond to their request. « I make them talk about their emotions, the journey they want to make through perfume. Then, I try to put raw materials on these words and these emotions ».


Unique, each creation has no limits.

« When smells disturb me and tastes hit me, my brain is boiling ».

« I can have 10 ideas a minute... an odor I can smell, a dish I've just tasted, and even a conversation ».

Whatever the source of inspiration, one thing is certain, Véronique puts her creativity at the service of her clients.

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